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Your pet has fresh water available at all times. Dogs are normally fed once a day unless otherwise specified. We feed Diamond dry dog food. We do Have Diamond dog food available for sale. You do not need to bring food unless you have a puppy or your dog is on a prescription diet. Please bring any special food in a small container labeled with your Dog’s name. If your dog takes vitamins or medication it will be administered to your dog at the required time. Medications should also be clearly labeled and specific instructions given …All you need to bring is your pet and proof from your Vet of Rabies Distemper and Bordetella. Be sure your dog is carried in or on a leash for the safety of other customers and their pets. We supply bedding and dishes. Feel free to bring a toy for your pet or his favorite treat or rawhides are fine, we cannot be responsible for loss of toys. All dogs are kenneled in individual runs and let out four times a day. The schedule is 8am, before noon, at 3pm, and again sometime between 6pm and 9pm.The amount of time spent outdoors is determined by the weather and the age and breed of the pet. The exercise runs are cleaned after each use.


Standard Kennel:
........1 Dog per day
$46.00........2 Dogs per day
$65.00........3 Dogs per day
Your dog receives a rug and let out into their connected outside kennel 4 times and treats daily.

Executive Package:
........1 Dog per day
$60.00........2 Dogs per day
Your dog receives a rug and blanket and let out in their connected outside kennel 2 times daily and twice daily in play area and treats daily.

New customers get a 10% discount and if a current customer refers someone,
they get a free day of standard boarding for the referral.

Call for multiple pet discounts!


Monday - Friday 9am-12pm 3pm-6pm
Saturday 9am-12pm
Sunday 6pm-8pm
Except Holidays
Please Call For Hours

16422 Hanson Blvd Andover MN. 55304 763-434-7332

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